About the Project

Representatives from FEWACCI and the European Union at the launch of the regional investment climate scorecard, Lagos, Nigeria, June 2017 © World Bank Group

Areas of focus

The project team provides technical assistance in these areas:

  • Investment policy, climate and entry
  • Incentives
  • Transfer pricing



  • Public-Private Dialogue: Bringing the public and private sectors together to prioritize issues and to set the reform agenda.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Disseminating and sharing regional best practices in investment policy across the region.
  • Scorecard: Benchmarking and monitoring reform progress at the national and regional levels. The ECOWAS Investment Climate Regional Scorecard was launched in June 2017. It is an innovative instrument that provides a snapshot of the investment landscape in a Member State and enables both the ECOWAS Commission and national policy-makers to share good practice and identify, prioritize and achieve reform goals collaborativelyThe Scorecard is updated annually by national/regional policy-makers and evaluators.


For more information, download the project brochure

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